Monday, November 24, 2008

4 coleby avenue

L to R: Akmal Hisham, Akmal Hizam, Azman, Zaiman, Zulhilmi.

Me and housemates in front of our rental house in Old Trafford.
4 Coleby Avenue, off Lindum Avenue, Old Trafford, Manchester.

It's a semi-D house with a separate garage (keys kept by the owner - Mr. Shabir Bangi) and a small backyard (never bothered about it, but once we had a barbecue session with friends over there). Located in a cul-de-sac in a quiet neighbourhood.

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I don't quite remember this photo existed, until my mate Akmal Hisham (aka Imam) scanned it and posted in his facebook page. What I remembered is that we snapped several photos to be sent to newspapers in Malaysia for Hari Raya greetings from overseas. Not sure whether this was the one being published.
Date stamp: 17 January 1997. More than 10 years. Seemed like it was only a short time ago.

Aah... and look at the colour tone of our Baju Melayu - by pure chance.

don't know who snapped this photo.
scanned by Akmal Hisham


Anonymous said...

Salaam brother. I typed in '4 coleby avenue, old trafford' into Google and saw this page as a search result. It made me very happy to see an old picture of my house as i am now the current occupant. We have made many changes to the bulding since you've left. Can i just ask how many years did you live in 4 coleby?

akmalhizam said...

Alaika salaam, brother Anon.
We lived only for a year in that house. After that we moved to St. Hildas Road. It's a nice neighbourhood, isn't it?