Wednesday, November 12, 2008

spelling contest finalist

Yesterday, as I was plotting the route for tonight's night ride (and daydreaming about this coming Sunday's bike hash in Plentong), I received a call from Ms. Chiu.

She informed me that Marsya is one of the ten finalists for the spelling contest.
Wow! Yay! Way to go, girl!
Seems that all her effort (and my nagging about her handwriting, plus sacrificing my Sunday ride) came into fruition. At least half way for now. I don't know how many students took part last Sunday, but I guess it was surely more than 50. An achievement so far.
I pray that she'll win the contest.

I, as a father, am really proud with my daughter.
But I, as a rider, was perturbed. There goes my bike hash this Sunday.

Never mind, there'll always be another one. Err... the bike hash, I mean.
I'm sending Marsya with the family to her spelling contest in Danga City Mall this Sunday, insyaAllah.
As a consolation, I'll be doing a night ride tonight.
All the best to Marsya.

Special thanks to Adam for helping her practice the 100 words list. You guys make a great team.


hurul said...

good luck to marsya ! been following your blog secretly.. hehe.. now no more secret lah..!! loves your writing.

akmalhizam said...

don't be a stranger.
thanks for reading my posts.

Anonymous said...

congrats for 'marsha' success lapt ..

so she is in finalist list , ha .. wish her the best from 'uncle' roslan .. haha ..

yesterday , ( err. yesterday was 15rite , check 1st ..) anis , my 1st daughter did her 1st performance in her life time , doing group 'nasyid' ( mind me ..)

she is 4 yrs old now,

still long way to go, but very happy for her and 'marsha' .