Saturday, November 08, 2008

one minute writing

Stumbled upon this blog page this morning.

Especially if you're a Toastmaster, and looking for topics for Table Topics Session, this is a great site for resource. It helps to start the idea rolling.

Otherwise, still a good way of pushing you to write.
In the movie 'Finding Forrester' (Sean Connery, Rob Brown), there's a scene whereby William Forrester (Connery) asked Jamal Wallace (Brown) to type away with the typewriter - without thinking, or drafting. Just go on and write. Don't wait. Write about whatever on your mind.
Well, Beth included on her blog page a 1 minute timer, and a word (writing prompt) as the topic for you to write about.

One more thing:
While you're at her oneminutewriter page, scroll down to 'The One Minute Writer can help..' section on the left panel. I'm happy to report that Beth credited me for the idea above.
Thanks, Beth!


C. Beth said...

Thanks for the shout-out, Akmal--and the idea! :)

Beth (The One Minute Writer)

Anonymous said...

hmm..s'times..we do got damn good ideas....just don't know how to deliver it...huahuahua