Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Tanjung Kupang Air Crash

Marsya entered a spelling contest last Sunday, so the four of us went to Foon Yew 1 School at Jalan Kebun Teh together.

Lots of pupils with their parents came for the 3 category contest. Marsya's was the third, starting at 12.00 noon. Arrived 5 minutes late than required (have to be there 15 minutes earlier), the parking lot in front of the school is already packed.
Marsya and I headed to the school while Naza parked the car some 100 meters away with Adam inside.

Around 12.45pm the contest ended, and we headed to the car.
We passed by a silent memorial located just next to the school, set up by Malaysia Airlines to
commemorate the air crash of 4th December 1977 in Tanjung Kupang.

I did a (very) little research, and it was quite sad to learn about the fatal crash. The Boeing 737-200 from Penang to Kuala Lumpur was hijacked with 97 passengers and 7 crews on board. None survived the crash.

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