Wednesday, October 22, 2008

seat belt convincer

text from MMHE ePortal:
‘Seatbelt Convincer’ – a road crash simulation device is currently available in MMHE Pasir Gudang Yard for all to experience the effect of being in a road crash at between 5 – 10 km/h.

As part of the programme in Road Safety campaign, Sabah Shell Petroleum Company (SSPC) is sharing the simulator in the effort to increase the awareness on the importance of wearing seatbelt while driving.

How does Seatbelt Convincer work?
Participants will be strapped into a car seat with a normal seat belt and are then propelled forward until the seat hits a buffer. The occupant will be jolted forward with
force and experience the reality of a crash even at low speed.

For free road crash experience, visit the Seatbelt Convincer booth at:
Venue: Next to Client Office No. 4 (SSPC Office)
Date: 13 – 24 October 2008
Time: 0830 – 1700 hrs
I always buckle up, even for a short driving distance. From the moment I step into the car right until reaching destination. It's becoming a habit, I would feel uneasy driving without feeling the strain of the seatbelt on my body. All these while I've been wondering how it would feel like to be a crash test dummy. How does it feel to take the impact of a car crash (and walk away unhurt).

The convincer is the answer. I tried it yesterday.
The impact was quite strong, I can feel a bit pain in the chest and my upper back.
And that was at 10km/h, while wearing seat belt.
I guess if at 25km/h I would sustain minor injury.
Err... 25km/h is the speed limit within the yard in MMHE.

Bonus: each person who tried out the convincer takes home a free photo printout of himself experiencing the shock.
I guess that makes it less of a formal safety thingy - macam kat theme park la pulak.
I went for the extra of having mine both printed and the jpg file - so bring your thumb drive along if you want a softcopy (for desktop wallpaper, blog, etc.).

me on the convincer at the moment of impact.
more like a crash test dummy, eh.

walked away unhurt, lived to tell the tale, by the away.

Learn more at
download the pdf brochure

Buckle up!

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Noraidalin Buang said...

Do u know that this kind of promo program is indirectly paid by Petronas? For any programs that our shared development partners do (Shell, Talisman, etc) the costs are charged to Petronas account ultimately. Somebody told me last week. So, good that you benefit from it.