Friday, October 17, 2008

don't judge a book by its cover

It's a cliché, i know.
However, it is very true.
Especially when it comes to relationship and interaction between human beings (and other living things).

I experienced this many times throughout my life so far.
I learnt how not to judge another person based solely on his appearances, especially upon the first impression.
It is rather unfair for that person, you judging him only by the first display of his personality towards you.
Perhaps during that particular time a normally cheerful lad was going through a bad time, thus him being a bit grouchy.
It takes some time for us to know other people, their (actual) behavior and personality.
This involves in doing some work together, being in a team in a particular project, usrah, homeroom, etc., etc.

If we give enough time for others to portray themselves as what they really are, while we're being open about it, chances are that our first impression on them would be totally flawed. Most of the times we would be ashamed of ourselves to think negatively about others. Some actually say that it takes one to know one. So, if you tend to have negative adjectives to describe strangers, be careful. You may be looking in a mirror, and see the bad part of yourself.
Heck, that actually is a great way to know about ourselves, then.

There were many pleasant people I get to know with - after I forced myself to give them that chance, permitting them to show me their true colours and who they really are.
These people, interestingly, are the kinds that others would label as 'self-centered', 'proud', 'unfriendly', 'geeky', and other negative adjectives others freely stamp upon them.
Of course, there are those weird people around us. They have their own stories. Find out about it and you'll be amazed how they look at the world in a whole different point of view - but that's another story.

A friend told me that I looked solemn and pious, 'nak dekat pon takut...'.
Well, what can I say. The adjectives that we have about ourselves usually are very different from what others may have.
Their judgment. Anyway, I tend to portray myself differently to certain people.

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Anonymous said...


Ifound out tht some ppl , might see others in negtive perspective at first , and as they meet long , they start to absorb positve thing about them..

as for me , i might put thng otherwise , positive first ..
and as long , I wll learn thier negtv aspect..
For simple ngtv things , like behviour,perception or opinion , i will tolerate as I can , and goes to simple advise exchange if I got chance ..

anyway , it so easy to find negative aspect on others ,in fact is so so easy.

Well, does perfect ppl/friend/partner/spouse realy exist ?

as in management aspect , chaos in harmony is not a bad thing afterall.
it can open doors to a new space.


im fetching u fast by doing this way :