Saturday, October 18, 2008

curry puff in manchester

people asked me this quite a lot:
do you want to live in manchester, given the chance?

my answer: yes and no.

yes - it's quite nice to live in a 4-seasons country. the culture, the manners of their people (believe me, they are very courteous lot) , scenery, etc.
no - when the little details of living a normal life have to be forfeited. parents, durians, rambutans, shopping until late at night, etc. also, i can't stand the cold weather. not to mention the constant rainfall.

i stumbled upon this website by a malaysian now residing in manchester.
he's selling curry puff - ready to eat, and frozen.
sold in 5 varieties: beef, lamb, vegetarian, chicken and fish.
the price? £1 for 3 ready to eat, and £1 for 4 pcs of frozen ones.
not too bad, considering one of the details of living a malay life in manchester is served.
check it out at

perhaps i have to re-consider my answer for the question.

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