Wednesday, October 29, 2008

in sync

Ever had this?
While you're thinking of something (sometimes something obvious to the situation, sometimes irrelevant), your spouse would utter about the same thing that's running in your mind.

Here's what happened to Naza and I recently:
Something obvious:
I was driving on PLUS towards JB and was thinking that it would be nice if we could get a better car (bigger and better in every aspect). Moments later she said about how it would be nice to have a better car for driving to work and travelling. And so we discussed about it.

Something not so obvious:
I was thinking about treating Naza for a spa session in KL last week as a birthday gift. It turned out that she had a hair spa session for herself around that time in JB while I was in KL (she didn't tell me about this). Well, the spa in KL is quite expensive, but I kept thinking about it (didn't tell her too). Last night she said that she wants to have a body spa session at the same place she went to in JB. I told her about my thoughts of treating her for the KL spa.

Our minds in sync? I guess so.
This has been reported by a few (married) friends.
Truth is, the matrimonial bond is not just on paper or merely vows exchanged. Somehow our minds are exclusively connected.
A very special bond shared between only Naza and I.

For the spa, I'll gladly pay for it as her birthday gift - much cheaper than in KL, plus she likes the place.

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