Wednesday, October 01, 2008

handphone bills - reducing trend

my handphone bills - with supplementary line for Naza - is with a nice reducing trend now.
(data collected is from april 2006 until sept 2008 - 30 months)

monthly usage:
april 2006 - aug 2007: sporadic, but on average rm125
sept 2007 - july 2008: steadily rm105
aug 2008: around rm95
sept 2008: rm84

from rm125 to rm84 - a reduction of rm41 a month on average.
how do we managed to do that?
there are two parts of it.

one part is maxis' package.
during the steady rm105 period, we took advantage of the rm50 + rm50 package.
starting august 2008, we switched to the rm50 + rm30 package when it's launched.

before sept 2007, we didn't sign up to any package. hence, the sporadic amount on the bills.

the other part that is crucial on the savings: action
one fine day in aug 2007, i sat down quietly and collected data from bills that i paid so far.
i made out the trend of calls made (minutes of use per month) for around a year.
also, i gathered info from maxis on the available package - in equivalent minutes.
i compared the usage and also the available package that would cater for our usage.
not only that, i also considered other telco's packages - digi and celcom.
it turned out that we could shave rm20 per month with maxis' rm50 + rm50 package.
so we signed up to the package.

mind you that between nov 06 and jan 08 i was away in kl. so, it was more usage than usual.
even so, the bills from sept 07 (50+50 package starts) to jan 08 were at a steady rm105 mark.
which means, we were still under-utilising our handphone bill package.

again, in aug 08 i signed up with a new deal from maxis: rm50 + rm30 package.
aug 08 was the transition period - that's why the bill was rm95.

i was a bit anxious on what the amount on the bill would be for sept 08.
turned out that the bill amount is rm84.
wow! a further reduction of another rm21 per month.
hopefully the overall trend will stay like this - reducing.
i'll revisit again in the next 6 months, perhaps. meanwhile, i'll monitor closely each month on the bill. i sure hope that it will remain constant for at least a year.

that's it. all it takes are data crunching, and most importantly: action.

and now, how shall i tackle the TM phone bill?


Noraidalin Buang said...

Lepas ni tolong tengokkan aku punye phone bill pulak, boleh tak??

akmalhizam said...

conditions apply.