Friday, October 10, 2008

phone number converter

have you heard of DAPAT?

they have a cool phone number converter program in their website.

the first converter is the 'phone number lookup'.
here you enter a phone number with alphabets to get the equivalent real phone number.
a good tool to use to decide what phone number to use when you're thinking of getting a new mobile phone number (or any number).

say, for 012 akmalhh = 012 256 2544
not a memorable number, but easy to remember if i just give people the alphabetic equivalent.

the second converter is the 'numeric to alpha' converter.
you key in your handphone number, and hit 'convert'. all possible variation of alphabet equivalents will be returned.

this is what i got from 012 3456789:
01 adil n sux

i'm posting this only for fun.
but hey, your number might be uninteresting at all (like mine) and not easy for people to remember.
you can generate the alphabetic equivalents and give it to people for them to remember by easily.
as it turned out, my real handphone number is uninteresting - both in numerical form and its alphabetic equivalent.

the converter can convert any number, but bear in mind that the longer the number, the longer the time it will take to run the conversion.

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